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Sustainable Practices

Blue Mountain Cider Company is proud to share that all of the apples we produce are grown under sustainable growing practices. We want to ensure that you receive the best cider possible, while minimizing the impact that our production has on the environment.

We are currently certified through GLOBALG.A.P and Salmon Safe.  GLOBALG.A.P standards were originally developed in Europe, but are now used in over one hundred countries worldwide. These standards were designed to minimize the detrimental environmental impacts of farming, reducing the use of chemicals used, and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety. Salmon Safe standards are local to here in the Pacific Northwest. Being a part of Salmon Safe means that our growing practices avoid harm, and help enhance the health of stream ecosystems. Erosion and run-off from orchards can bring silt into streams, reducing the ability of migrating salmon to survive. Cover crops, shrubs, and trees are used as buffers around streams to help stop erosion and run-off. We also use more natural methods to control weeds and pests, using plant based chemicals whenever possible.

Visit Salmon Safe and GLOBALG.A.P for more information about these certifications.