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Estate Winesap
Fresh pressed from our sustainably grown Salmon Safe Oregon apples, it has a dry, refreshing finish with just a hint of tart apple flavor. Found exclusively in our 22oz style bottle.

Dry Creek
Crisp and clean with balanced acidity and a sparkling dry finish. Fantastic sparkling wine substitute and especially delicious with spicy foods.

Estate Gravenstein (Seasonal)
Our first single variety apple cider, its sweet-tart fresh apple taste is a perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day.

Eden Ridge
With a hint of tartness balanced by fresh apple aromas and sweetness, Eden Ridge is an easy-drinking beverage. Excellent for those new to the world of hard cider.

Cranberry (Seasonal)
A splash of cranberry adds the perfect amount of acidity to this fruity and delightful liquid refreshment. Swap out the jellied cranberry sauce for this cider and you’re sure to have a happy holiday crowd.

Raspberry (Seasonal)
With hints of sun-ripened raspberries and crisp apple flavors, this tasting-room exclusive will surprise and delight your taste buds.

A refreshing balance of apple flavor with a splash of tart cherry freshness. Pair with rich chocolate and enjoy the perfect blend of sweetness and acidity.

Peach (Seasonal)
Sparkling apple cider and a splash of fresh peach meet to make the perfect combination of acidity and sweetness.

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